Goioerê Regional Campus

Goioerê Regional Campus

Goioerê Regional Campus

The Goioerê Regional Campus is located in the city of Goioerê - 163km from Maringá. It offers four in-person undergraduate courses: Textile Engineering, Production Engineering, Physics and Medical Physics.

Many other undergraduate courses are offered through distance education, playing an important role in teacher training. It contributes significantly to the improvement of education in the Goioerê Local Education Center area.

The Campus meets the communities’ demands by supporting several projects.  The laboratories for quality control, technology and  textile chemistry are among them and are the only ones in the region. These laboratories help in research and educational activities developed by the Textile Engineering  undergraduate course, and assist companies in the field in performing fabric analysis.

The project “School at the State University of Maringá” (Escola na UEM) attempts to stimulate elementary and high school students’ interest  in science. They visit the Campus and participate in physics experiments demonstrations.

An international cooperation agreement with the University of Minho from Portugal, provides training for the professors in the State University of Maringá  (Universidade Estadual de Maringá - UEM) in the Textile Engineering area.

Translated by:
Aline Kiminami and Gustavo Favaretto

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Aline Cantarotti

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