Main Campus

Main Campus

Main Campus

The main campus is located in the city of Maringá, where most of the undergraduate and outreach courses and approximately all graduate programs operate.

In Maringá, there is also a health complex that provides numerous services to the local and regional population, with annual assistance to more than 160 thousand people through the University Hospital, Regional Blood Center, Dental Clinic, Applied Psychology Unit, Information and Toxicological Assistance Center, Educational Drugstore, Clinical Analysis Laboratory and other services.

A wide network of laboratories provides support in carrying out research, teaching and outreach activities, as well as services to the academic and external community, which operate in all areas of knowledge.

Through these projects, the local population has, for example, free legal assistance, actions to promote oral health, environmental education courses, advice on the formation of solidarity economy cooperatives, legal and psychological assistance to women in situation of violence, actions against smoking, assistance programs for ex-convicts and convicts, and assistance to farmers interested in certifying their organic production.

Translated by:
Rebecka Villareal and Aline Uchida

Proofread by:
Gustavo Favaretto and Aline Cantarotti

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