UEM receives international certificate of sustainable university

UEM receives international certificate of sustainable university

Ranking that evaluated 1050 institutions from 85 countries classified UEM as Paraná's most sustainable university

The State University of Maringá (Universidade Estadual de Maringá - UEM) won first place among institutions from Paraná on the international ranking of sustainability UI GreenMetric World University Rankings. UEM is 18th position in the Brazilian group and 459th in the world. The publication has been made by the University of Indonesia since 2010. The goal is to raise awareness of universities towards sustainability.

UEM's first participation was in 2016 and then it received the 428th position among 516 international universities. Since then, the quantity of universities raised, so did UEM's score. In 2019, from 780 participating universities, UEM was 604th. But in 2020, it rose to 537th position and in the next year went to 505th position. In this year's ranking, 1050 institutions from 85 countries were evaluated and UEM won the 459th position of world's most sustainable university and number one in Paraná. 

The evaluation is made in six criteria. They are: Energy and  Climate Change; Waste; Setting and Infrastructure; Water; Transportation; and Education and Research. UEM reached high marks in practically all of them, but excelled mainly in the last four listed above, getting close to maximum index, winning, total average of 62,70%. 

UI GreenMetric gathers data through an online questionnaire, where it is also sent proof and results from works concerning each criteria, the so-called evidence. After that, specialist members and examiners from the publication validate answers based on the evidence provided by the participants. The ranking classifies universities from various parts of the world based on their commitment and actions towards sustainability.


Translated by:
Felipe Lisbôa

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Michelle Cerqueira César

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