UEM Rector participates in official mission and visits Japanese universities Media Committee

UEM Rector participates in official mission and visits Japanese universities Media Committee

Leandro Vanalli integrates an entourage composed by the Maringá’s mayor Ulisses Maia and other local and state authorities

The rector of the State University of Maringá (Universidade Estadual de Maringá - UEM), Leandro Vanalli, member of the official mission of the Maringá City Hall, is visiting Kakogawa and other locations in Japan, in celebration of the Japanese city's anniversary and the 50 years of fraternity between Maringá and Kakogawa.

Besides the official celebrations, the rector will also participate in technical visits and meetings with representatives of Japanese universities, namely Soka University, Hyogo University, and University of Hyogo.

Founded in 1971 by Daisaku Ikeda, the third president of Soka Gakkai, Soka University shares its ideals and goals with Soka Gakkai, an international organization dedicated to spreading a humanistic philosophy.

Soka University has eight departments, besides pre-schools, schools and colleges in Japan and in other countries, including Brazil. In its quest to create an initiative for humanistic education, Soka university generates global citizens.

UEM and Hyogo University have maintained cooperation agreements since 1998, which helps to demonstrate the importance of cooperation between the two countries.

Founded in 1995 and located in the city of Kakogawa, Hyogo University has four faculties and six departments, with Mahayana Buddhist teachings as the principle of its education and human development.

The University of Hyogo, located in Kobe, was established in 2004 after the merger of three traditional prefectural universities: Kobe University of Commerce, Himeji Institute of Technology, and College of Nursing Art and Science.

Today, it counts six faculties, nine graduate courses, five research institutes, and elementary and high schools attached to the institution. The University of Hyogo is now one of Japan's leading public universities.

The official mission of the delegation of which Vanalli is member ends on June, 23rd. The trip, after the invitation of the mayor of Kakogawa, Yasuhiro Okada, aims to strengthen the bonds between Maringá and the Japanese city, reinforcing this international partnership.


Translated by: Felipe Piva
Proofread by: Felipe Lisbôa

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