A delegation from the University of Maule in Chile pays a technical visit to UEM

A delegation from the University of Maule in Chile pays a technical visit to UEM

Vice-rector Gisele Mendes received students at the Rector’s office; workshops, lectures and mentoring will take place

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A delegation from the Universidad Catolica del Maule (UCM), in Chile, is paying a 10-day technical visit to the campus of the State University of Maringá (UEM). Yesterday (25) morning, the vice-rector of UEM, Gisele Mendes, received the delegation of eight Chilean students majoring in Physical Education.

Aimed at fulfilling internationalization curricular credits, the visit was led by professor Franklin Castillo Retamal and included the participation of the coordinator of the UEM-UCM agreement and professor in the Department of Physical Education (Departamento de Educação Física - DEF), Giuliano Pimentel, the coordinator of the International Cooperation Office (Escritório de Cooperação Internacional - ECI), Renato Leão Rego, and researcher César Fáundez-Casanova. They talked about the main highlights of UCM and UEM.

Among the activities to be held until November 4th are: technical workshops, lectures, visits to laboratories and research groups. In addition to the attraction model through mentoring on entering the Graduate Program in Physical Education (Programa de Pós-graduação em Educação Física - PEF) and the 1st Brazil-Chile Colloquium on Academic Cooperation in Sports Sciences and Recreation Studies, organized by the Leisure Studies Group (Grupo Estudos do Lazer - GEL), under the coordination of Giuliano Pimentel.

UEM has an extensive agreement with the Catholic University of Maule, with a frequent flow of students and researchers between the two institutions. The delegation comprises the first class of a new model of the reformulated curriculum, which includes internationalization through technical visits.

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