UEM's Dignitá project is a finalist in the Enactus Brazil Network program

UEM's Dignitá project is a finalist in the Enactus Brazil Network program

Student initiative promotes the reuse of vinyl tarpaulins to generate income for Maringa's athletes

The State University of Maringá (Universidade Estadual de Maringá - UEM) has a finalist in the 3rd edition of Handover, the pre-acceleration program of the Enactus Brasil Network. The Dignitá Project, linked to Enactus UEM, was selected among the five best initiatives in this edition, which received entries from all over Brazil.

The project was selected after presenting its results to a panel of entrepreneurs and investors at the event's "pre-demoday", held in Ribeirão Preto, São Paulo, at the end of April. The Handover final will take place between July 17th and 19th, during the Enactus Brasil National Event, in the city of São Paulo. The winning project will receive an investment of R$10,000.

Developed by students from different departments at UEM, Dignitá promotes the empowerment of paratheletes from the Kings Maringá association, increasing the income of this community by selling products made from the reuse of vinyl tarpaulins. The actions encompass the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) established by the United Nations (UN).

In addition to the social impact, participation in the project allows students to apply theoretical knowledge to practice, through the use of business strategies such as modeling, financial management, sales, marketing, formalization and pitching.

The Dignitá board took advantage of the result to thank the entire project team for their efforts, as well as the support of the university and partner companies and institutions.

Enactus UEM

Dignitá is just one of the initiatives developed by the Enactus UEM extension project. Linked to the Department of Educational Theories and Practices (Departamento de Teoria e Prática da Educação - DTP) of UEM, the initiative is part of the Enactus network, a global non-profit student organization that promotes social entrepreneurial projects developed by higher education students.

The project aims to develop entrepreneurial skills in undergraduate and graduate students at UEM. Participants identify, propose, develop and evaluate projects that can transform the lives of vulnerable people and shape a better world through social entrepreneurship. It is coordinated by DTP professor Leila Pessôa da Costa and Department of Civil Engineering (Departamento de Engenharia Civil - DEC) professor Álvaro Phillipe Tazawa Delmont Pais.


Translated by: Felipe Piva Amorim
Proofread by: Felipe Lisbôa


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